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15. Januar 2022

9:00 AM

Symposium II: Mental Health Issues in Competitive Sports


Chair: Ulrich Michael Hemmeter

9:05 AM

Risk of post-traumatic stress symptoms in alpine sports


Christian Mikutta

9:35 AM

Gaming and gambling in competitive sports


Tobias Freyer

10:05 AM

Sports psychiatric diagnosis in competitive sports – a structured, multistage diagnostic procedure for mental disorders in competitive sports


Carlos Gonzalez Hofmann

10:35 AM


11:00 AM

LGBTQI* and sport – what does this mean to sports psychiatry?


Andres Ricardo Schneeberger

11:45 AM

Keynote II


Injuries and mental health symptoms in professional football


Vincent Gouttebarge

12:30 AM


1:30 PM

Keynote III


Sports psychiatry development in the UK and with the IOC


Alan Currie

2:15 PM


2:30 PM

Course III: Mental Health Issues in Competitive Sports

Course III.1

Sleep for the sports psychiatrist


Shane Creado

Course III.2

Brain injuries in competitive sports – when both the brain and the psyche are affected


Antonella Palla, Maryse Dewey

Course III.3

Psychodynamics in competitive sport: Case studies and discussion


Valentin Z. Markser, Laura Barta, Alexander Cherdron

3:45 PM


4:00 PM

Course IV: Mental Health Issues in Competitive Sports

Course IV.1

Overtraining in sports psychiatry


Alexander Schorb, Guenter Schiepek

Education and training in sports psychiatry

Course IV.2

Curriculum Sports Psychiatry – development, implementation and out view


Carlos Gonzalez Hofmann, Malte Christian Claussen


Sports-specific mental illnesses in popular sports

Course IV.3

Image and performance enhancing drugs in leisure sports


Samuel Iff, Ingo Butzke

5:15 PM

Closing of the ICSP 2022

ICSP 2022