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14. Januar 2022

9:15 AM



Erich Seifritz, Malte Christian Claussen

9:30 AM

Symposium I: Sports and Exercise


Chair: Christian Imboden

Physical activity in prevention and therapy of mental illnesses

9:35 AM

Physical activity for prevention and treatment of depression


Christian Imboden

10:05 AM

Evaluation of exercise/movement therapy within the inpatient treatment of women suffering from bulimia nervosa: A randomised controlled trial


Katharina Alexandridis

10:35 AM

Physical activity as a vital sign – assessment of physical activity in psychiatric patients at the Charité in Berlin


Jannik Roempler

Sports-specific mental illnesses in popular sports

11:05 AM

The muscular ideal. Body image, diet, and exercise behavior


Robin Halioua

11:35 AM


11:45 AM

Member Meetings

Note: The Member meetings of the Swiss, German and Austrian Societies for Sports Psychiatry take place separately.

1:00 PM


1:30 PM

Course I: Sports and Exercise / Education and Training

Physical activity in prevention and therapy of mental illnesses

Course I.1

Physical activity coaching: How can behavior change be achieved by individual remote-based telephone coaching?


Robyn Cody, Jan-Niklas Kreppke, Oliver Faude, Markus Gerber

Course I.2

Effects of body-oriented yoga in depression


Miriam Bieber, Esra Görgülü, Viola Oertel

Course I.3

Chronotropic incompetence of the heart is associated with exercise intolerance in patients with schizophrenia


Karl Baer, Andy Schumann, Marco Herbsleb

2:45 PM


3:00 PM

Course II: Sports and Exercise

Physical activity in prevention and therapy of mental illnesses

Course II.1

Trainers of the voluntary sports group for individuals with psychiatric disorders: Who are they?


Epiney Florence, Nikolai Kiselev, Daniela Loosli, Frank Wieber

Course II.2

Perspectives in exercise/movement therapy and how they influence contents and methods in therapeutic practice


Katharina Alexandridis, Jannis Alexandridis

Course II.3

Sports psychiatric effects in prevention and treatment of dementia


Theofanis Ngamsri, Alexander Schrenker, Ulrich Michael Hemmeter

4:15 PM


4:30 PM

Keynote I


Development of sports psychiatry in the United States and internationally


Ira D. Glick

5:30 PM

Closing of day 1

ICSP 2022